Emerging Company Services

We help Inventors, Investors and Intellectual Property holders turn great ideas into extraordinary businesses

  • Commercialization and translation planning
  • Due Dilegence
  • Business Development
  • Development Management and Execution

Commercialization / translation planning

Build a solid plan

We work with inventors, licensing offices, industry collaborators, potential customers and potential investors to develop effective commercialization strategies. Built from a “deep dive” review of technology and market forces, our typical planning activities include:

  • Assessment of technology maturity and market readiness
  • Identification, qualification and prioritization of product and service opportunities
  • Review of Intellectual Property (IP) and licensing issues including:
    • Impacts of sponsored research agreements, joint licensing agreements, blocking IP
    • Domestic and international protection status, maintenance and filing costs
  • Market and Financial analysis: pricing models, fixed/variable costs, capital investment, valuations, financing scenario modeling
  • Business and implementation planning – including product development plans, testing/qualification and production strategy plans, personnel requirements

Due Diligence

Do your homework

We provide advisory services to companies needing assessments of business opportunity and risk when making investment, acquisition and spin-off valuations. Typical clients include:

  • Venture Capital / Private Equity / Angel Investors
  • Public and Private Grant organizations
  • Commercial M&A and IP managers

Typical work product includes:

  • Assessment of technology maturity
  • Market acceptance potential and rate of adoption
  • Regulatory approval status – trials, documentation, statistics
  • Cost / Bill of materials reviews
  • Production readiness – reliability, manufacturability, quality control
  • Product distribution, sales and marketing processes
  • Financial status, run-rates, short-term and long-term capital investment requirements
  • Personnel reviews

Business development

Build a network

Through an extensive network of contacts across multiple industries and disciplines, we can make the critical industry partner and customer connections needed to drive success – identifying and engaging strategic technology and marketing partners, development partners, lead customers, collaborators for testing/trials and licensing partners.

Development management and execution

Put into action

Innovations Commercialization is a trusted partner for leading establishment and next-stage growth of operational businesses, including:

  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • Key customer identification and engagement
  • Fundraising
  • Development, Marketing and Sales management
  • IP licensing
  • Staffing