Investment Assessment

Innovations Commercialization provides technical due-diligence and market assessment services performed in the course of making investment, acquisition and spin-off valuations. Typical clients include:
  • Venture Capital Groups
  • Private Investors
  • Public and Private Grant organizations
  • Commercial M&A managers

We can provide the necessary assessments and primary market research to ensure that the risks and upside potential are well understood and documented.

Many early-stage technologies suffer from the fundamental issue of being a “solution looking for a problem”. There is often an intuitive sense by all involved that the technology is somehow important, but it is not yet tied to the reality of a specific revenue-producing opportunity. As one looks deeper into specific market opportunities, understanding the actual performance of the technology and potential relative to competitive products is critical information – a study best undertaken far before the company is formed. For established companies, the assessment task focuses on ensuring that the early assumptions made about the companies’ viability are still valid, and that the company is on-task to schedule.

Developing a Path to Success

Using a comprehensive process to perform deep technical, production and market studies, Innovations Commercialization develops truly executable business strategies. Through a collaborative approach, we work with inventors, licensing groups, manufacturing, testing, strategic partners and strategic customers to develop a plan that limits risk, meets key market needs and has a clear path to production.

Due Diligence Work Product

Typical work product includes:

  • Assessment of technology maturity and capability of meeting market requirements
  • Regulatory approval status – trials, documentation, statistics
  • Product distribution, sales and marketing processes
  • Financial status, run-rates, short-term and long-term capital investment requirements
  • Personnel reviews