Corporate Client Services

With extensive experience in new product strategy and development, Innovations Commercialization provides targeted capabilities for both small and large companies dealing with the challenging issues surrounding new business and market development.

Corporate Growth Strategy Development

Innovations Commercialization has extensive experience in applying the “lessons learned” from new company creation to the issues facing established companies struggling with growth issues.   These skills and experience can bring a fresh perspective when companies have “hit the wall” – where current markets are relatively stagnant and the opportunities for further internal operational cost reductions are not justified.

By applying the processes used in new business creation, Innovations Commercialization brings a critical fresh look at growth opportunities.   After a formal review of standard metrics, a core competency assessment is performed across the business operation of finance, R&D, sales channels, supply chain, production.  Next, an analysis of the cultural environment is done to determine the corporate risk profile, flexibility, motivators and metrics used to define success beyond pure profit.   From this base, Innovations Commercialization will work with the organization to develop strategies for both incremental and step changes in markets, products, core competencies and internal processes that will set a new path to high growth.

Corporate IP Commercialization

Innovations Commercialization provides objective reviews of emerging IP and assists in developing the appropriate strategies for maximizing value. Key elements of assessments include determining if the IP:

  • Is core to the business current and future strategy, or blocks others from entering the core business
  • Enables expansion into adjacent markets with high grown potential
  • Has potential competitive bargaining/trading value in negotiations with others that have needed IP

For IP determined to be unrelated to the company’s core business strategy:

  • Assessing the value of perfecting the IP through patents.
  • Identifying potential licensees,
  • Assessing the potential for creating separate businesses based upon the technology

Innovations Commercialization can actively manage the process of IP value creation as needed – managing licensing, spinout creation and IP valuation projects