Policy Activities

Innovations Commercialization has recognized that there are numerous barriers to entry for emerging companies, particularly in raising early-stage capital. Rather than accepting this as a immutable fact of life, we have chosen to take a proactive approach to changing the business environment, as any entrepreneur would do when faced with an obstacle in their path. .

By working with the North Carolina state legislature, Commerce department, and Treasurer’s office,  we have been helping to improve the environment for early stage company formation.  Initiatives include:

  • Expansion of Qualified Business Investment Tax Credit:
    • Enable credits to be used by corporations rather than just by individuals
    • Increase tax credit limits to apply to investments greater than $1 million per investor
  • Co-location of private energy producers/consumers
    • Allow private energy producers to sell power to co-located customer on a per-kwh basis

In addition,  we have been working with the state’s health insurance companies to develop a more active role in supporting the formation of new companies focused on health care cost savings and improved outcomes.